Thursday 26 July 2007

A La Mode...

A whole wall of Crocs!
If only MissM was here to help me choose.

There are so many decisions to make.

Which colour?

Which pattern?

Should I go for the waffle cut out...

Or the Mickey Mouse effect?

I'm thinking that if I had feet this big

I probably wouldn't choose lilac.

I am not sure if they are

the ideal shoe to start walking in...

but I am tempted by the pink ones with silver dragons.

Oh no!


I want these!

I hope that Manolo never reads this blog

because somebody might have to call the ambulance.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, those hot pink mules for sure--great choice! Happy walking! ;o)

alice c said...

Hi Tracy,
Unfortunately, I was shopping for an outfit to wear to my brother's wedding - and the mules didn't quite match the dress. It is the details that make the difference to a successful outfit - no?

Alice said...

The boy just got me the grass colored crocs. Isn't that sweet?

Anonymous said...

I'm almost scared to admit it, but this country girl has never worn crocs before!

alice c said...

Angie - neither have I - and to tell you the truth this post is just a tease for MissM who would be horrified that I was even in a shop that sold them. She is the Style Police round here.

dottycookie said...

Where, where, where are these? I found a pair for myself in Cambridge - or "Crocs desert" as it is becoming known this summer - but none for my littlies. I bought pink Mary Janes (and have hardly taken them off since) but who knew they made so many other styles - wow!