Wednesday 25 July 2007

Patent Remedies

The lovely MissE is not well
and so MasterM has summoned up all our family magic
to make her better.

Meet the Poorly Teddy.

He is a teddy who dances for you and plays a merry tune
when you fall over and bump your knee.
It distracts you for long enough
for your mother to slap on a plaster.
Especially useful for accident prone little boys.

This is the LemSip mug

It was painted by MissM when she was five at a school fete
and is used for hot drinks when you have ‘flu.
Especially useful for man ‘flu.

Dumbo and the Duvet

The final stage before hospitalisation
is an afternoon on the sofa under the duvet watching Dumbo.
It works every time.

I was very touched by this.

Sometimes family traditions grow and become more important than you realise.

MasterM may be a hard bitten athlete-in-training

but he still believes that the Poorly Teddy can make you better.


Alice said...

I'm twenty and still crave my mother's tucking me in and father's pressing tea and more tea when I'm sick...

blackbird said...

Some bug picked up in Amsterdam?

I always recovered faster with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich made by my father...

alice c said...

It is the completely wonderful, absolutely perfect, lovely MissE - the girlfriend.

If it was MissM - his sister - it is unlikely that it would be noticed. He is not as completely reformed by love as I would wish

Anonymous said...

Oh, the world wearied traveler.

I suspect she'll improve in time for the weekend?


ps: "Poorly Teddy" is the most darling name.