Monday 30 July 2007

Watching the Flowers Grow.

This is the window box that catches the morning light.

I see it as I stand in the kitchen and drink my first cup of tea.

I have too many things in my life at the moment
to be a good gardener.
That time will come.
I hope.

But I pull out all the stops for my window boxes.

I love them because
they are small landscapes
which can be planted on a whim.

You feel in control.
You can experiment with colour and shape.

And then you can throw them away and start all over again.
I like that too.


Anonymous said...

Little landscapes, that's definitely what they are...and lovely too! :o)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Are you for hire? :)

Anonymous said...

What do you mean, you don't have time for gardening?!

That, dearest, is gardening!

If tomorrow is bearable outside, I shall take a couple photos of my wilting disasters aka flowers and then you will know what a "black thumb gardener" I am.

I have the best of intentions, every winter I pour through garden mags, and every spring I locate the R.I.P. plants which didn't survive Cheeseland's winter, and I go forth to the greenhouse and tell them what I think I want.

I follow their directions, and something goes wrong between the planting and late July. Every year.

I am The Grim Reaper of Flora.
But not Fauna--no no never!


carrie said...


Every time I try to take a close-up photo of my flowers (which are not nearly as lovely as yours), it turns out all blurry.

I'm bowing down to you, I ran to the grocery store for a pot of impatiens when I learned we'd be having guests on the back deck, which was sort of being "re-done" thus, no flowers whatsoever!


dottycookie said...

Alice, these are just exquisite.

I messed up the timing this year so we have no windowboxes or hanging baskets. But there's always next year ...