Friday 27 July 2007

The Naming of Flowers

My mother knows the names of flowers.

Granny's Bonnet, Policeman's Helmet, Lady's Slipper

Old Man's Beard, Ragged Robin, Touch-Me-Not

Sweet William, Herb Robert, Corn Cockle

Eyebright, Self-Heal, Feverfew

Harebell, Larkspur, Bird's Foot Trefoil

And she knows where the wild orchids grow.


Alice said...

ahh, aren't mother's such garden geniuses?
does this happen immediately on one giving birth?

Anonymous said...

Mothers know everything, don't they! I'm not lucky enough to be a mother does this mean I won't ever know everything?! LOL! Beautiful flowers, and fun with all the names. WIshing you & yours a great weekend! :o)

alice c said...

If only it was true that mothers know everything. My children often point out to me that I know 'nuffin'!

dottycookie said...

Oh my, how beautiful. we once had an experiment in turning our garden into a meadow and filling it with wildflowers. It was beautiful and full of wildlife - but not terribly practical in a garden with limited space so we cut the grass again and contented ourselves with just daisies and speedwell and clover.