Wednesday 11 July 2007

From our Bookshelves

I have asked the local librarian to review our summer reading.













Anonymous said...

I've never read Howard Spring before, but now I'm definately curious!! :)

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Howard Spring, either. Google to the rescue! Isn't summer reading great? When I was a teenager I would read for hours every day -- heaven.

Anonymous said...

Oh, me neither!

I've never heard of him, so I better do a search on google and at Amazon.

What sort of writing does he do?

alice c said...

Welcome to the Book Club kmkat! Howard Spring wrote family saga type novels set in the North of England and more interestingly to me, in Cornwall. The most well known is Fame is the Spur which is about the rise and fall of a Labour politician. HS died in 1965 and I was interested to see if they were as good as I remember. I have just finished 'All the Day Long' which is principally about Cornwall and was really amazed at how fresh it was and how modern some of the ideas are.
Similar authors are R.F. Delderfield and Elizabeth Jane Howard. I am not sure how successfully they would read in America - he writes of a place and a period which is very English. It would film well.

Stay at home dad said...

Regardless of the talents of Mr Spring I have to say I'm with Miss M on the holiday reading!

alice c said...

Hi to you too SAHD! MissM has a reading list I can only aspire to - but then I don't have a slave to look after the boring things in life.

p.s. I really enjoy your writing and hope you don't mind being added to my list.

Anonymous said...

I read masses of Howard Spring when I was young and still lived at home (just outside Manchester), and I can remember being totally enthralled by his 'local' books.