Friday 6 July 2007

Questions for my Estate Agent

This looks like the perfect weekend retreat for MrM.

Many thanks to MissM for drawing it to my attention.
  1. Are there residual obligations to defend Portsmouth Naval Base?

  2. Is that an infinity swimming pool?

  3. Bearing in mind recent legislation - what is the disabled access like?

  4. Are there any restrictions on firing the gun?

  5. Does the planning permission include a garage?

  6. Is the property served by local businesses e.g. Pizza Delivery?

  7. I am concerned that the navigation light might prevent him from going to sleep - are you required to keep it in at night?


Anonymous said...

You crack me up!! :) Wow! You've been busily posting as well.

Anonymous said...

Would there be somewhere for Mr M to land his chopper ?

alice c said...

Welcome Whirlybird! I'm guessing but, what with the upper gun deck, I think that it might be impractical.