Sunday 15 July 2007

The White Chocolate Dilemma

MrM does not like dark chocolate.

He does not like chocolate that is suspiciously dark.

I'm not sure what he thinks about pink chocolate.

But I know that he will not eat half and half.

Which makes it very difficult

if we are given a delicious box of chocolates.

Who should choose first?

MrM is only allowed to choose first on his birthday.

On other days he has to take turns.

But today is his birthday so MrM gets to eat white chocolate!


Anonymous said...

Having drawn my attention to this blog, I suppose you will now have to work your way back through all your previous blogs as I have just done to see where I hav put in comments or have you got a fast rack way of doing it?

alice c said...

Welcome to Blogland GMS! Now you you will know what we are doing upcountry. It is better than the Archers!

GMS said...

Didn't realise Paris and Amsterdam were 'upcountry'

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday MrM!

Alice said...

happy bday to him!
only one day without first pick, you can handle it alice...