Thursday 5 July 2007

Shopping with MissM

MrsM "Should I buy this?"

MissM "Only if you want members of The Plymouth Brethren
to rush up to you
and ask you where you bought it."

MrsM "So, that's a no then."


Anonymous said...

May I borrow MissM?

See, my very own Miss, who would be MissJ, became a Mrs. 7 or so years ago, and a mother of her own MissM. Hmmm. Moira, is her MissM.
She has two Master type children, a MasterL(iam) and a MasterF(innian) who are absolutely no good at all when it comes to 'what not to wear.'
They're boys, obviously, and not at all into clothes.

Did you follow that alright?
I didn't think so.

All I meant to say is that I envy you a MissM, to caution you against buying clothing that is unsuitable in any circumstance.

Without my MissJ turned MrsG and mother of MastersF&L and MissM--well, I think I've made quite a few mistakes lately.

If and when your MissM feels the urge to do so, perhaps she might mention the latest fashion faux pas to you and you might recount them here, to help out those of us who no longer have a live in fashion critic.

We would be most appreciative to both you and MissM.


blackbird said...

Sometimes one must shop alone.

Anonymous said...

presumably the PB are not permitted to blog so you should be safe ;-)