Monday 27 August 2007

A Very Small Aeroplane

In which Monsieur C. offers us a ride in his plane.

But first we must wait
while Monsieur discusses compressors.

The runway is a shallow strip between ploughed fields.

Airborne, the land below shimmers
in the early evening light

We fly over hilltop towns,

grand chateaux,

and tiny churches.

All too soon, we are home.

Monsieur nods modestly as we try to thank him.
Even MrM, with his fluent French,
cannot adequately express the joy, the exhilaration,
of seeing this beautiful landscape from the air.


blackbird said...

Lovely -
I can imagine not having the words.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to view the landscape.

Unknown said...

Just found your site. I love all your pics of porcelain and fine china. Sweet. Beautiful photos of the landscape as well. You have an eye for it. Must have been exhilarating to be above the landscape in a plane.

Anonymous said...


Egads, M Family, you are not only a lovely one (family--yesterday's post), but you are the Flying M's as well.

I am so glad you took these wonderful photos for me to look at because I will never again (did it once, small plane thing) see 'countryside' in any country from up there.

Alice: aerodynamics just does not make sense, you know? What is heavy cannot be up there. It just can't. This is called The Paula Principle.
A corollary to the above is that a heavy thing, if it gets up there by magic, won't stay up there forever, you know.

I'm going to lie down now. "Up" has that effect on me.


Anonymous said...

wow! Breath taking!! What an adventure you've been on! :)

Unknown said...

Say, I came back and had another look and if you don't mind my asking, what kind of camera do you use? Love your pics of the wetlands, and the archway is wonderful (archives).

dottycookie said...

Alice, your accounts of your holiday are simply wonderful. I haven't been to France for years - and now I feel I need to go and book tickets Right Now.

Just gorgeous