Thursday, 30 August 2007

Selective Memory

I have so many things that I have to remember
pin numbers,
dentist appointments,
where MissM's hockey stick is,
They clutter up a very small space
and leave too little room for important things.

MasterM and MissM are shocked by how much I forget.
I think that I tend to live in the moment or worry about the future
but I am able to file the past and not think about it.

This blog is a space where I store the
things that I want to remember.

The rest slides quickly into the 'I had forgotten that happened' pile
but in the interests of balance here are some examples of
things I would prefer not to remember
from our holiday

  1. Hornet nest in chimney.

  2. Incident when map nearly flew out of car window
    and got ripped.

  3. Four days rain.

  4. Driving to hospital.
    Scary for everyone.

  5. The worst chicken sandwich ever.

  6. Horrible little boys on horrible motorbikes.
    Behind the gite.

  7. Discovering that there was no linen in the second gite
    and having to rush to LeClerc to buy some.
    Then having to arrange a refund
    when the owner turned up with keys to the linen cupboard.

  8. No restaurant at Toulouse station except burger bar.
    Although we were supposed to be having an end of holiday meal.

Now, I am in a quandary,
because these are
things I don't really want to remember.

On the other hand,
I don't want to give the impression
that our family lives a glossy magazine life...we don't.

I just write about the things that take my fancy.

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dottycookie said...

I think we all do that. I don't think there's anything wrong with it either. It is lovely to be able to note down all the funny or interesting parts of the day, and gloss over the trips to the supermarket; the conversation about the fairy wings made me laugh a lot.