Friday 31 August 2007

A Window onto a New World

I started reading blogs in January
and then, tentatively, writing in June.
I have never been able to articulate adequately
what a wonderful experience it has been
to find this inspiring community.

Whymommy has done it for me.
She writes of "a window" that she did not know existed
and a "courtyard" of people calling out to each other and sharing their lives.

This is my window onto that courtyard
and through it I have met amazing people like Whymommy
who fights her cancer with such dignity and courage.

She has campaigned to raise awareness of
and through her website
informed so many women
of the symptoms and the importance of self-examination.

Each of those women
will tell their daughters, sisters and friends
and so the cascade of information becomes a torrent.

And yet it is her perspective on life that is so enriching
- as I read I know that I am so lucky to have the life that I have
- and the health to enjoy it.
I must never take that for granted.

even if you are a committed lurker,
go to Toddler Planet
and say hi to Whymommy.

Reach out of your window,
across that sunny courtyard
and tell her that she is extraordinary.


dottycookie said...

Lovely post Alice. I must go back to visit Whymommy again ...

Anonymous said...

I will do that, alice.
I will visit whymommy and tell her she's extraordinary, and that I heard about her from an extraordinary source...
the metaphor is both true and beautiful, and your photo is as usual, perfect.
Your words and your pictures, they're extraordinary too.
Email tomorrow from me.
It's dinnertime now, must go.


Anonymous said...

No, my friend -- it is all my friends who are extraodinary, and who are helping me through this. Thank you for sharing your words with me and the rest of the world today. And for showing us a picture of your window. It's lovely.

carrie said...

Oh, I loved her post too!

I'm so glad to have you both in my "window".