Sunday 10 February 2008

Family Likenesses

MasterM and I are on our best behaviour because attending a University Open Day is a serious business that could affect the rest of your life. No pressure.

I have already had to tick him off because he suggested that if he came this far North he would need a Bobble Hat for every outfit.

We are sitting in the lecture hall waiting for the start of the Presentation and the door opens. In come a mother and son with identical protruding eyes and tufty hair. MasterM and I realise that things might start to go wrong with our resolution. Next we see a mother and daughter flicking their hair back in an identical manner. We realise that we are surrounded by clones.

And here is The Pointy Nose Family. This is the tipping point because MasterM has started to laugh. I am holding on.

In front of us are the Chewing Gum Ladies - a mother and daughter who are doing synchronised chewing. I am still holding out. And then there is the final straw - a father and son walk in and MasterM says 'Well, I hope that kid is enjoying the hair he has got because he is not going to have any by the time he is 30' and I am lost.

MasterM turns to me and says 'Is my nose the same as yours?'

And the answer is 'No'.

But it will be obvious to everyone around us that we share the same sense of humour.


blackbird said...

We have yet to attend an open house for Middle. I suspect we will be the black turtleneck and architectural eyeglass frame family.

dottycookie said...

Well, better the happy, giggling family than a grumpy bunch of miseries ;-)

Mary said...

And laughing in circumstances where you really shouldn't be is the BEST!

tess said...

a good sense of humour is a perfect trait to pass on to your children!

Anonymous said...

Laughing together is so much more attractive than chewing gum together!

BreadBox said...

Funny! It's always amazing to me that although LOML and I look nothing alike, half of our friends thing Boo and Skibo look just like LOML, and the other half think that they are clones of me!

And that is without any mannerism or (ugh) gum chewing!


Ginnie said...

And that is the BEST way to resemble each other!