Monday 4 February 2008

Red Sky

Drowning in bird song
in the early morning,
I watch the gulls rise,
white shadows
over rose-water meadows.


Mary said...

The gorgeousness of "rose water meadows"

and that beautiful photo - perfect peaceful images to go to sleep on.

As long as our mate Sue Gee hasn't written anything miserable. Still reading her, still loving her!

Tracy said...

Just lovely...what a great beginning for a Monday. Happy week ((HUGS))

Ginnie said...

Beautiful images you paint for us, Alice! And a very different beauty from how my morning is looking today.

BreadBox said...

As my little brother always said as a child, in that delightful not-quite-Staines accent he has,
"Red sky, shepherds' pie".

Beautiful photo. I hadn't realised that there was a difference between red skies at home and red skies over here until I saw it.


Anonymous said...

rosso di sera
ble tempo si spera

in English kind of goes like
red sky at night
shepherd's delight

dottycookie said...

Beautiful words and a lovely image - thank you for that.

It's been a stunning spring day here - hurrah!

alice c said...

Welcome to ChezMagpie, Monica. The words of your poem are delightful - much more romantic than our shepherds with their morning warnings!

ginny said...

Stunning stunning photo.
And the scarf is looking good too. Can't Mr M sooth you till the scarf is ready?