Sunday 24 February 2008

Under the Spotlight

We went to a Fashion Show

and I discovered

that I am hopeless

at taking Fashion Show photographs.

It is not as easy

as I thought it would be.


This Fashion Show was organised by two pupils
and featured 40 young models, male and female.
It was generously sponsored by local businesses
and enthusastically supported by parents.

All monies raised will go to
Breakthrough Breast Cancer

I thought of Susan at Toddlerplanet
who is returning to work
and beginning to plan for the future
with her husband and two little boys
and I was glad to support this very worthwhile charity.


Mary said...

I am generally hopeless at photographing people. Sometimes I get lucky with the kids.

I am better at objects.

tess said...

looks like it was a fabulous event for a very good cause, I love the photo with the pink hair!

blackbird said...

I think one needs a very large lens, and a tripod and big flash and to wear all black and have very messy hair and odd glasses and a german accent.
I think.

dottycookie said...

Very glam photos nonetheless. Such a good cause, too.

Allison said...

I need to get a matching tights and wig ensemble. TRES CHIC!

carrie said...

Those are fine photos! And for such a good cause too . . .