Friday 29 February 2008

29th February

If we had a fire
this would be one of the things
that I would grab on the way out.

It has marked the passage of childhood
month by month
year by year.

from gap toothed smiles to braces
from wiped noses to shaving cream
from pinafore dresses to designer jeans
from tricycles to driving lessons
from storybooks to Camus and Shakespeare
from bows and plaits to heated rollers
from recorder to orchestral works.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if
the magical extra day,

I could find lego on the floor,
tiny socks in the laundry
and two little children absorbed beside the sand pit.

I wish.


Unknown said...

Oooh. Happy leap year to you.

Anonymous said...

Camus is a philosopher designed by a committee of course

Unknown said...

It'll come round again eventually in the shape of grandchildren - you just have to be patient :o) but I know what you mean - I miss mine when they were tiny

tess said...

what a lovely treasure, and I love the idea of this being a magical day and being able to recreate long past memories -

although maybe not the toddler tamtrums, or the teething, or the ....

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I was remembering the days when we had "leap parties" for the children. Of course life is much easier now and dare I say it I probably "like" my boys more than I did then, if you know what I mean, but, sometimes, just sometimes mind you, I find myself wishing for a little one again. Oh well as Anne says, "It'll come around again..."

Anonymous said...

I often find myself longing for those days too. Then my nieces and nephews visit, make mess, make noise and I find myself emitting an audible cheer when they decide to go home.

I love them, I'd do anything for them, but I'm glad that I have teenagers.

Curlew Country said...

Oh what a lovely keepskae Alie. Thanks for such a lively post, it will make me pause and reflect on this extra day as I hoover up the mountains of tiny socks in our laundry baskets and scoop the lego off the floor tonight. Thank you.

Ali said...

Tingles. You've given me them. Again.

blackbird said...

I would take any little magic at all today...

BreadBox said...

I'll make sure to enjoy exactly those details today, and think happy thoughts about it for you:-)


Lina said...

Oh Alice, that brought a tear to my eye. A reminder to enjoy my precious little babies, even if they do wake me up at 5am by dancing on my head.

dottycookie said...

What a wonderful piece to have! And how lovely to have something you have an excuse to keep on the wall all year round.

I shall show it to my two and see whether they would like to make one so I can treasure it too.

And now I am off to snuggle them, sticky paws and all.

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

Oh Alice, you beastie. You have made me cry. x

ginny said...

Hi alice....I love your posts!
Happy Leap year to you and enjoy all those wonderful memories.

Anonymous said...

Oh, me too!

the mother of this lot said...

And me!

Fairlie - said...

Lovely post!

(But seriously, as someone currently in that phase, I can do without the lego on the floor!)

Ginnie said...

Oh, Alice, this is so good! Our papers have had articles about people born on February 29th, and lots about having birthday parties designed for their "real" age (an eight-year-old's party for a 48-year-old). But I have never thought about turning the clock back in our own lives to remember those days. What a wonderful idea, and so beautifully shared. xxoo

Ginnie said...

...I mean a 32-year-old! (Note to self - use a calculator and the preview button next time.)