Sunday 24 August 2008

Saturday Morning

MrsM is Very Busy.

MrsM's List
Flower Arranging.

MrM is also Busy, Busy.

MrM's List
Catch up on Sleep
Honey for Breakfast
Read Papers
Decide What to Wear

MrsM starts to get cross with MrM
It is 8.15am and he has done NOTHING.

MrM decides to lighten the mood.
Option 1
Helpful Suggestions for Blog Posts
Option 2
Mentions their long lost Children
(This almost works)

MrsM has a Schedule and must not be distracted
because she has an Important Meeting.
MrsM starts to get Very Cross.
(Tone of Voice: FIRM)
She tells MrM he must do something Useful
by the time she comes back from The Shop.

MrM promises to organise a Map
of the Hundred Acre Wood.

Later MrsM is VERY grateful to MrM
for aforementioned map.

Small Contributions can be Crucial to the Objective


Mary said...

This is ridiculously cute.

I always have a soft spot for the original Winnie the Pooh drawings!

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

I loved reading this post. x

Anonymous said...

E.H Shepard illustrations are just gorgeous. Many years ago I gave up blustering as I clean. Now I just leave a mess in the kitchen when I cook because my Pete cannot stand mess in the kitchen. He will always clean up after me without bluster.

Surely that would work with Mr.M?

Anonymous said...

After picking my allotted quota of blackberries (MrsM can be a real slave driver at times) I shall be restocking the hunny store this after at the local show.

Sent from my Blackberry

blackbird said...

Today, then, Mr.M has channeled K.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Pooh is my favorite.

MrM best get busy

Lynn said...

I'll be watching for that parsnip blog post.

RW said...

Are you having a party?

Anonymous said...

I love a good bit of Winnie the Pooh - original, of course!! I'm grateful to MrM for his contribution to your Very Important Meeting, too - it wouldn't have been half as nice without you!!

Ginnie said...

We were raised on the Pooh books and I still love those illustrations best.

MrM does bear (ha!) a striking resemblance to Pooh Bear.