Saturday 2 August 2008

A Vendre

Our good friends Glen and Mary
are thinking of moving to Provence
and so we have identified some potential Real Estate.

Admittedly NOT in Provence
but it is close to Orlando (sigh)
and it does have off-street parking.

A business proposition for their retirement.

So much potential and a village centre location.
What a pity it does not have a roof.

A compact maison with extraordinary views
over the principal vineyards of the Rhone valley.
You would not be overlooked.

Les Barroux
MrsM fell for this bijou little home
in a narrow street by the chateau.
You could lean out of the window
and shake hands with your neighbour
on the other side of the street.

A spacious town house with plenty of room
for visitors from England.
Local restaurant only serves hearty peasant food
which could be a deal-breaker.
Especially for MrsM.

I will let you into a secret...
we don’t want them to move at all
because they are wonderful friends
but we mustn’t be selfish and I suppose
there are worse places to visit than Provence.


trash said...

go. find them fabulous properties. then suggest you propose not just a house swap but husband swap (no! not like that!)

The wifies live in one house for a month or two while the boys are in the other! No need to thank me, full of good ideas me


blackbird said...

I'm torn between Suzette and Les Barroux.

BreadBox said...

Tarascon. No question. Plus, I *am* a hearty peasant. That sort of food is fine:-)


RW said...

It is amazing to look at these buildings and think of the history.

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful pictures. Everything looks so old and worn. Nothing so beautiful here in the US! :(

Did you have lots of wonderful wine in France? The thought of all that wonderful wine makes me giddy!

Mary said...

Pale blue shutters will do it for me everytime.