Monday 25 August 2008

We need to talk about Toes.

Scene: The Broad Face gastro pub in Abingdon.

I am listening to Jane Brocket.
It suddenly occurs to me that
I am more familiar with her toes
than I am with my own.

This makes me nervous.

I wonder briefly if I should redress the balance
with pictures of my toes,
resplendent in Courageous Red varnish,
frolicking next to my geraniums.

I think not.

Toes are a Yarnstorm trademark
and, anyway, I don't want to be recognised by my toes.

However, Jane is wearing patent black Birkenstocks
and I would like to draw your attention to the fact
that the ChezMagpie fashion police got there first.

Last year.


blackbird said...

No - I'd rather your trademarks be beautiful china and carefully chosen words. Thank you.

dottycookie said...

What Blackbird said.

And rest assured, you are unlikely to see my toes any time soon. I was so glad to discover crocs - at last, summer shoes with covered toes. OK, not the prettiest of shoes but I have nearly worn mine through in the sole ...

Lynn said...

Yes, I post photos of my toes only when absolutely necessary (as in the recent ankle injury account). And my (male) children are the only ones around here who ever wear nail polish (go figure). (I saw the Amuhr-can version of Jane's book at my friendly bookseller's on Saturday. It was indeed strange to see faces and not feet! Lovely book...)

trash said...

I would willingly show pictures of my toes but only if the bushmeat traders promised to stay away! My prehensile foot digits mean they may take some convincing, after all who wouldn't like an easy meal?

RW said...

You got to me Jane B? How lovely was that?!

Margaret said...

I'm not sure if I'd like to be recognized by my toes either, though I think I'd rather go barefoot than wear patent black Birkenstocks. To each his own!

Mary said...

Yes what blackbird said.

I'd rather read about you and your world than the very talented Jane's endeavours anyday!

kristina said...

I absolutely adore Birkenstocks and have been wearing them forever. But never with red toenails, I'm afraid. I'm far too shy for that. K x

Anonymous said...

how funny!! I had the same thought!!! how many times have I seen her toes on my screen?

The bizarre world of blogging.