Sunday 3 August 2008

Summer Exhibition

It has nearly KILLED me going around Blogland this week, catching up with all your news. I thought I left strict instructions that NOBODY was to do ANYTHING until I got back. Doesn't anybody LISTEN??

Each time I have sat down to enjoy the next set of posts that summer holiday feeling of sunshine, lazy days, long evenings and ice-cream has washed over me. Thank you for some inspirational writing and photographs.

Top prize in the travel section goes to Monica for her amazing African post - wonderful photography and a brilliant, brilliant format. It has made me desperate to go. Period.

Margaret has been to Columbia and thanks to her posts I have been too. Vanessa brought back some inspiring pictures of Gaudi-world in Barcelona and made me want to book the next flight out. Sarah has been busy at the Big Agricultural Show and her beautiful daughters have been winning prizes. And I am pondering the possibility of a Cocker Spaniel picnic for Poppy and her pals but I am thinking it might NOT be as successful as a Corgi picnic.

Here at home Ali has captured that summer feeling perfectly - the slow days that memories are made of. I can't wait to hear about her trip to New York. I love Kristina's blog - each post is small but perfectly formed and her gooseberry ice-cream looks so tempting. My imaginary treat at the end of the day is to sit in the garden with Steph, surrounded by her flowers and enjoying the sight of a climbing frame because it is a long time since I have had a paddling pool, sandpit or climbing frame in my garden.

Finally - here is Diana writing a post just for me. Well, not really, but she knows that I love Penzance too. Three years ago my sister who lives in Penzance swam in nearby Prussia Cove on her wedding day before the evening reception. The sight of her on that sunny day, holding her head up above the waves so that her hair would stay dry, is an indelible summer memory for me.

Wishing you all some sunshine today.


trash said...

Oh I do like a good travel saga!

walter and me said...

Thank you MrsM, and beautifully written too, makes me want to dive into all those other blogs that are unfamiliar to me. Monica's Africa is truly stunning. X

kristina said...

Thank you! Now I better get busy. It seems like ages since I've written a new post! K x

Anonymous said...

oh. oh. oh. thank you.