Wednesday 11 February 2009

Anatomy of a Weekend

MrM and MrsM are staying in the same hotel
as their good friends, The Double Barrelled Couple.

Mr and Mrs DBC leap out of bed early in the morning
and leave the hotel before breakfast.
There is so much to do.
They must climb the Eiffel Tower.
They must climb the towers of Notre Dame.
They must climb Montmartre.
They have no time for slackers!

MrM and MrsM are a shocking contrast
to this impressive work ethic.
They explore the hidden squares of the Marais

and wonder if they can take cheese back on the train.

They enjoy the street markets...
even though they seem quite tame
after the fish market at Catania.

There are shops that just sell honey.
MrM has a private tasting session
and agonises over which variety to buy.
MrsM just sits and watches.

They buy a gift for MissM just around the corner
from their favourite brasserie.

It starts snowing as they pass Notre Dame
so they go inside and listen to a choir practice.

and then they watch the skaters
as they pass the Hôtel de Ville.

MrM decides to stop and watch England play Italy
in a warm pub just off the Rue St. Honore.
MrsM falls asleep,
but nobody notices...
she hopes.

In the evening they eat in Le Soufflé,
a charming restaurant that specialises in...well...soufflés

and then stroll around the romantic Place de Vendôme.
It is all very pleasant and relaxing.

Of course, MrM and MrsM don’t do everything...
it would be a shame not have an excuse to go back.


blackbird said...

I could never travel with the Double Barrels - nice as they may be. But I'd have no problem wandering with you and MrM - heck, K and I never even made it inside the Louvre...too busy bringing cheese back to the hotel.

Christy said...

I think your way sounds amazing.

fifi said...


what an extremely delightful weekend....
though I would have to visit my friends at the louvre at some point between wanderings....

Gina said...

I think your way of exploring Paris seems far preferable to the Double-Barrels.

dragonfly said...

My eyes are filling up with the pure romance of this post


tess said...

just lovely, although me thinks from the comment about the favourite brasserie that you might have been once or twice before.... perhaps you've done all that busy busy tower climing already......

dottycookie said...

I think I might be a secret Double Barrel actually. But your way does sound enticing!

Anonymous said...

Where we always buy cheese in Paris (only been there once!) they wrap up all the pieces we have bought in proper cheese wrap paper and then they seal the lot in a vacuum pack which doesn't bother our fellow travellers on the train and doesn't affect the cheese. Location, in the Latin Quarter, can be supplied for future visits.
Word verification 'hulsinis'. These sound delicious. Has anyone every eaten them or made them?

The Coffee Lady said...

that sounds action enough! Mr Coffee and I would still be in the hotel at noon peering wearily at the guidebooks

Unknown said...

Funny, once upon a time I would have been up with the DBC but nowadays I would much rather take it at Magpie pace, not sure why I've changed, is it because I now spend too much time racing around with children? I'm not certain but I definitely take the slow, meandering approach nowadays.

JuliaB said...

I am feeling the urge to return to Paris - it's my half home town after all! x

Anonymous said...

So Lovely! I can imagine how fun it would be just going to shops. Your pictures are wonderful :)

Can't wait for more......

Anonymous said... would be a shame not to have an excuse to go back. No?


I like the way you think.

Jackie said...

I always start off like the double-barrells but then get sidetracked....much the best way..once you've ticked the Mona Lisa off the list...

Anonymous said...

So pleased you had a good weekend, meandering is always preferable to rushing around.

Unknown said...

I'm surprised Mr M didn't fall asleep during the rugby - boy is there some work to do before travelling to Daffodil-Land this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Actually, you sound pretty busy to me --

BreadBox said...

It certainly seems to me that you had a better time than Mr&MrsDBC (or is that Sir and Lady DBC? or worse?)

No, drink in the culture, stop to listen to the choir, and enjoy the fact that you made it into the Louvre on Friday evening:-)


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh ... what a wonderful post and a sane approach to all things. I love visiting your blog! And now I have a new phrase "a double barreled couple." Very creative and descriptive.