Monday 9 February 2009

The Pasque Flower

Pulsatilla vulgaris
Otto Brunfels: Herbarum vivae eicones.
Strasbourg: Johann Schott, 1530

According to Greek legend,
the Pasque flower sprang from the tears of Venus.

A message for the wonderful bloggers of Australia
who have been such generous friends to me.

My thoughts are with you all at this very sad time
and I pray that your families and friends are safe.


M said...

Oh God, it's so horrible. Thank you for your thoughts. I feel ill for all those who have lost loved ones in the most tragic of circumstances.

Gina said...

I think we all share these thoughts. It is hard for us here to imagine how horrific it must be.

Mary said...

The fires and the floods.

Terrible both. Awful in their destruction. We are devastated for those who have lost everything.

Thank you darling for your thoughts.

driftwood said...

sharing your thoughts.... x

Suse said...

Thank you Alice, for your kind words and thoughts. It is truly awful and scary right now.

We have had emails and phone calls from all over the country, England, France and the US! This global community of ours is so special, isn't it?

I lost all my bloglines recently, and am only now catching up. I'm too late to say "Hello Alice's Mum!" but I still want to say it.

Allison said...

A sweet and heartfelt sentiment that I am sure they appreciate. The land of down under and the people who call it home are in my thoughts right now.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on that Alice!

Melody said...

It is devastating, even for an Aussie (a Victorian one at that) living in the Middle East. My heart is broken for all those people whose live has been destroyed by fire...

Also thoughts to be sent to those who are suffering from floods in their towns in Northern Queensland. (Coming from a Victorian who lived in FNQ for 3 years before moving to the UAE!)