Monday 16 February 2009

Golden Harvest...

Thirty years ago I worked on a daffodil farm.
In the height of summer
I would walk through the sloping fields
surrounded by labels:

St. Keverne
Golden Harvest
White Lion
Jack Snipe

And even now boxes of tight buds
evoke not the shallow sunshine of spring
but the hot dusty days of August
and trays of warm bulbs:

Dutch Master
Ice Follies


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bit of heaven.

walter and me said...

Such a reminder of 'home'. The daffodils here have paused a touch after the snow and cold.

Ali said...

When you said that, it conjured up an image of you amidst a field of yellow. But I see that reality was more knobbly.

A time to dance said...

I had a very different experience working on a strawberrie farm...I cant eat them now after gorging myself all summer...happy half term...H

Anonymous said...

I had a Wordsworth moment, then the mention of summer threw me, I finally realised it was more spanish onion!

It is wonderful to see all the spring bulbs appearing and the lighter mornings and evenings make us all feel better.

My v.w. is sakuimme - a japanese variety of daffodil perhaps?

silverpebble said...

Lovely - we've both posted about daffodils today! That sounds like a lovely memory. Their emergence is so exciting isn't it?

Unknown said...

I can't wait for the flowers to come. Thank you Alice!

I would have loved that job!

Mary said...

I may have mentioned before the delight I would take in catching a red double decker bus around Hyde Park on my way to work and see the yellow daffodils blooming.