Sunday 15 February 2009

The Musical MissA

The Musical MissA is a good friend of MissM.
She is a very talented 'cellist...
but it would appear that she is not so confident
with Thunder Sticks.


After the match we were discussing where to go for a meal.

We can't have a burger because
MissA's family is Very Healthy.

That's not true!

You like vegetables.
You even like cabbage.

(who is not used to the M family banter)
But I don't like lettuce...

you like

(MrsM decides that somebody who likes Brussels Sprouts
should not be exposed to Drive Thru' Scottish food
and hastily offers to cook a nutritious family meal
...without lettuce...)


trash said...

How very commendable of you Mrs M. Very musical Miss A's family are no doubt extremely grateful for your tender care.

(btw what are 'thundersticks'?)

Unknown said...

I am utterly intrigued, pray tell, what is a thunder stick?

Curious and un-worldly wise of Conwy

Gina said...

Thundersticks are a real mystery!I'm sure Miss A appreciated the home cooked food.

Anonymous said...

Your halo is glowing MrsM - delicious home cooked food, I think I would have gone for a takeaway option (but not of the Scottish variety).

I love the London Irish Thunder Stix, do you have two each or do you prefer to go in for "neighbour bashing"?

silverpebble said...

I am stumped by these thundersticks you speak of - what are they? Is that a snap of MissA consuming one?

I expect your lovely casserole dish is hiding delicious things. MissA is a lucky lady


blackbird said...

That's a gorgeous spread you've put out...oh, and that LE CREUSET!

dottycookie said...

I hardly dare ask, but since I see others already have - what on earth is a thunder stick?

On second thought, perhaps I'm better off not knowing.

Anonymous said...

What are Thundersticks??????

Jackie said...

Come on! The suspense is killing everyone.
(I'm off to Google)

Jackie said...

Information: Thundersticks..a kind of elongated whoopee cushion?

M said...

It is always difficult to eat After The Game with someone from a Very Healthy family. In a related matter, my brother came to stay this weekend. He is a vegan fish-eater. I know, I know. Anyway, talk about difficult to feed, doesn't even have cheese on his pizza.

Anonymous said...

Thundersticks are inflated plastic batons often used as cheering aids at major sporting events or political rallies. The air chambers inside the thundersticks help to amplify the sound as the user strikes them together in a clapping motion. The effect of hundreds of thundersticks colliding simultaneously, especially inside a closed arena, can be quite impressive. Fans seated behind a basketball goal or football end zone may also wave thundersticks as a distraction to opponents.

Mary said...

Thank you Sarah.

I always laugh when I see your reference to food of the Scottish variety..