Wednesday 18 February 2009

Tuesday, 'early doors'

Let us imagine, for the sake of argument,
that you have crawled out of your warm bed
at the ungodly hour of 5.10am.
You have driven your sleepy husband to the station
and you are now on the motorway to the airport.
What thoughts swirl around in your brain?

You think about breakfast.
Because you didn't have any.
And it is a long way to drive without breakfast.
A croissant would be good.
Specifically, an almond croissant.

You ponder the car accidents that you have read about
and are very glad that
you have just had the brakes replaced on the car.

You smile at the thought of MissM
still fast asleep in her cosy room.

You think of MasterM
on whose behalf you are delivering items
to be stuffed into a suitcase at the check-in desk
and carried to Buenos Aires by his friend B.

You think briefly about the meeting at 9.30am
when you will discuss the travel insurance policy
that will keep other people's children safe.

You remember the almond croissant that you had in Paris.
It was warm and crisp on the outside
and meltingly soft and fragrant
when you bit into it.

You choose a gift for a new baby cousin
whose arrival is much anticipated.
This is very pleasant and absorbs many minutes.

You consider what is for supper
but this is less pleasant
and you mind goes blank.

You are relieved that there is no snow on the road.
The time before last it was very scary.
Very Scary.

You remember the telephone conversation
with your mother the previous evening.
She tells you that the garden is full of snowdrops.
You can imagine it.
Each tiny clump nestled among moss and leaf mould.

Your mind goes sideways into Blogland
at the thought of snowdrops
and you consider if Poshyarns
has written your favourite post this month.


Would you prefer a Madeleine?



The almond croissant experience
is starting to become an essential part of the day.
Never mind the delivery for MasterM...
this has become an almond croissant pilgrimage.
If there are no almond croissants at the airport
there will be a very unpleasant scene.


Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I often think of things like that while I am driving but never remember them after I get out of the car.

I do hope there was no scene at the airport!?

Mary said...

I hope you got your wished for croissant...

And I am truly glad the road was not snowy for that long drive..

BreadBox said...

And? Were there almond croissants there?


blackbird said...

The almond croissant beckons me as well.

trash said...

Almond croissant? Eurgh :-P

Lyn said...

ALmond croissant doesnt do it for me, Crumpet and strawberry jam now thats just the ticket on a grey, boring, dull, damp Wednesday!

silverpebble said...

Ah yes, I'm with Lyn and trash really - a crumpet or Lincolonshire fruit bread.

Enquring minds are wondering, what was purchased for the new little tot?

walter and me said...

Oh I do love a good almond croissant...even better if I'm in Paris!

The Coffee Lady said...

you think of a lot of things

I would be thinking "Good grief I'm tired. Good grief I'm tired. Good grief I'm tired."

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope you found one. OR failing that, that someone at the airport videoed your resulting tantrum for youtube - apparently it is the thing to do.

Unknown said...

Hmmm, yes, I think an Almond Croissant might trump a Madeleine for me too, but it would have to be the right croissant, it would have to be just as you described and I fervently hope your airport croissant lived up to your hopes.

Thank you for the lovely mention.

Gina said...

I hope you got your almond croissant. I'm rather partial to those too!

JuliaB said...

hehe! I LOVE almond croissants too and have been known to make long detours and be late for work for the love of them! x

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I could have one, you know. They are freely available at the coffee near my office. I'm not sure they would quite live up to the one described, though. Hmmm.

Lynn said...

I need to tell you that the reflection in that ___ (vase? teapot?) looks exactly like a cocker spaniel. What can it mean???