Sunday 26 August 2007

Le Beau Monde

This post is for Alice in Connecticut who cares deeply about such things.

What does the well dressed French woman
wear to Rugby matches?

I know that this question has often tortured you late at night.
To save you further angst, I present my research.
Sadly, the pink and white milkmaid look
and the asymmetric shroud effect
passed me before I could capture them on camera
and are lost forever.

The first thing to say is that if you are

The Principal Fan

you must wear the correct colour and lots of it.

It was agreed that the
"net curtain over jodphurs" style
was too formal.

Is this Nancy Dell'Olio at a Rugby match?
Has she told Sven?

These shoes are delightful
but will stain
if ketchup falls from the saucisson in baguette.

This bag is perfect for programmes and autograph books.

Silk? Flowers? Diamond toe accessories
At a Rugby match?
I think not.

This outfit received the MissM/MrsM seal of approval.

Smart and yet casual,
interesting pattern but not too distracting.
Topped by an immaculate bob
accessorised with patent black Birkenstocks -
who even knew that there were such things?

I am so glad that I decided not to wear turquoise.


blackbird said...

Oh I do like that bottom one the best...I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Hadn't even checked if you were back yet, and I see you are, and I see you've captured some truly lovely photographic memories, humorous moments too--all very real, very human. I don't know how to explain it. For once. Words fail. {smile}

And what is that sign for dogs. For the life of me I can't think of the french for dog. chien--that's it. What is that sign with that tete de le chien on it, and I can't see if there's an X on it or what it is.
But I've never seen whatever it is before.

I'm glad bb is here, up thread, because she was your blog mentor so to speak--and I wanted to tell you that your pages, your writing, your photos, in such a short time have evolved and are evolving into something very unique, very beautiful, very real, and I think, very you, the best of you yet.

It was a "coming out" and a "coming of age" of your artistry--your poetic mind's eye, and your literal eye that captures the most amazing concepts and puts them into photos.

I bet bb is proud--a true success in the making do you have here!

And Alice, unpack leisurely, since holidays can be exhausting, and when you're ready, please regale us with more of whatever visual and verbal treasures you want to share.


ps: MissM is stunning! Oh, she is!Quelle legs! I think you should send her to a convent right away. {smile} And MrM -- he delights in all of you doesn't he? because his face gives it away. He is a man who loves his life, I think. And rightly so.

What a lovely lovely family the two of you have created, MrsM~~

Anonymous said...

Oh phooey.
My french is so bad, or they just made complicated language rules or something, but I just hate when I make a simple mistake, and lest you think I'm worse off bi-linqually than I am (which I am), I must take up more space and correct myself publically. It's an ego thing, I think.

So, correction:
I wrote "de le chien".
Silly moi, everybody and his brother knows that de + le is

Isn't it?

(who will not, any time soon, be An American in Paris.) Thank god.

Anonymous said...

Well it's all a bit different to our local rugby club where everyone is wearing jeans, thick wooly sweaters and some kind of waterproof not to mention having their footware caked in a couple of inches of mud!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! And what a fun, chic post! I suddenly feel like I've got all the wrong clothes on--LOL!((HUGS))