Wednesday 29 August 2007

The Prodigal Returns

MasterM has returned from Australia
with two arms, two legs and a full set of teeth.
Which is GOOD

He has emptied his suitcase and transferred
28kg of dirty laundry to the floor.
Which is LESS GOOD

He is asleep now and off to a party tomorrow.

He did bring me a teatowel featuring Australian Fauna
so I will be able to wash up
when we have eaten the Fatted Calf.
So that's GOOD too.


BreadBox said...

Glad he came back safe and sound, and especially with a full set of chompers: he'll need those for the fatted calf, now, won't he:-)
And you do know that in time the memory of 28kg of laundry dumped onto the floor will fade, and you'll only remember joy at his return, don't you?
So wallow in the laundry is not good, for it too shall pass!

Enjoy the full family again:-)

Anonymous said...

So happy he's back safe and sound (and snoring!) Now I can relax!! How silly is it that I was worried about him too?! :)

alice c said...

Thank you both! It is a great relief to have him back in one piece because Rugby can be a brutal game. He is in fine form - planning his party outfit and apparently completely unaffected by jet lag.
It will take a little while before the memory of the laundry fades - but do you know what - when I came home from work he had sorted it into piles!! I don't think I shall forget that as long as I live!

Anonymous said...

I'm just laughing so much, I can't help it! LOL! Still, it's a good thing he came one in one piece, bless him. ((HUGS))

dottycookie said...

Welcome home Master M!