Tuesday 26 February 2008


shards of black,
soft white frilling,
miniature blossom,
small curls and puffs,
slivers of light from the shattering buds

new beginnings,
Spring set free.


Mary said...

I have always wondered what blackthorn blossom looks like.

Now I know. And have beautiful words to accompany the image.

Anonymous said...

the petals are like paper

dottycookie said...

Goodness me, that's early. Or am I thinking of hawthorn? Oh well, pretty anyway! We're still enjoying drifts of miniature narcissi. My hellebores were a complete disappointment this year and are going to get themselves dug up if they're not careful. No room in my tiny garden for anything that isn't pulling its weight!

Allison said...

I was just having a look-see at all of the emerging buds in my garden. Hmmm . . Spring is a wonderful feeling, isn't it?

Ginnie said...

So beautiful! And so far ahead of our gardens - we just got another big snowfall last night and this morning.

Ginnie said...

I should have added: Beautiful words, too, Alice! Very special - thanks for sharing that with us.