Tuesday 19 February 2008

Come to Tea!

I think it is about time that you all came round for tea.

I have some Dragonfly tea
and so I am really hoping that Dragonfly can be there.
I am going to unpack my best Dragonfly china
- doesn't everybody have Dragonfly china? -
but I am going to ask Steph at Curlew Country
to bring some spare cups and saucers from her lovely collection.

Do you think LovethoseCupcakes
will bring a box full of her fabulous cakes?
Breadbox will have to come early
because she will be folding the napkins.
The house will look gorgeous
because Jane will be doing the flowers
- I am hoping for a Hellebore arrangement -
and if I ask nicely......
Vanessa will help with the table decorations.

I know, I am spoilt.
Spoilt, I tell you.

It is going to be such fun because
Blackbird will be there to make us laugh
- and maybe give us makeover advice.

Don't worry, you will know me immediately
because I will be wearing an apron
which I have borrowed from Florence
- I would rather wear a kimono
but it might look too informal.

Iliketomakestuff will be an honoured guest
because she kindly gave me an award.
Angie gave me one too
- but I will have to persuade her to fly from Michigan -
perhaps she could come with Ginnie and Anne.

It could get a bit rowdy
so I think that we will need Carrie to keep order.
Sorry, Carrie, you have got the most experience.

I am hoping that Fairlie can come
because I have only just met her
and I think that she might get on well with Lina.

I have just thought....Driftwood - can you bring a tea cosy?
Or two - because I love them so much.

It seems selfish to ask Tracy
to come all the way from Norway
just for tea
but I know that she would love to meet Ginny.

who needs a break from being SuperMum
- just for an hour or two -
Kirsty, can you make sure she comes with you?
(but maybe she had better do the driving...)

Megan who is in the middle of moving house
could talk to Ali about photography - it might distract her.
(Don't forget to bring Kristina, Ali)

I know that Becca is busy
but if Mary and Carolyn came too
they would have such fun talking about books
that she wouldn't mind sparing the time.

Right, so that is sorted then,
I will see you all this afternoon at my house.

(Errr...Val... do you mind helping with the washing up?)

Oh...and if I haven't mentioned you...
please don't be offended
just come anyway...
and bring a friend.

You will all be most welcome.


Ginnie said...

Yes, Alice! I accept with pleasure! Angie and Anne, I'll meet you at the airport. This will be the best tea party ever.

Anonymous said...

Anywhere there's cake - I'm there! Thank you, Alice. You couldn't ask for better company than this crowd.

blackbird said...

You are just too brilliant.

Imagine if I secretly tracked you down (in a nice way) and showed up at your doorstep?

Off to buy a lottery ticket...

Lina said...

Oh I couldn't think of anything nicer! What time?

Lina xx

Anonymous said...

A charming group! I'd love to come. Perhaps I will later this year (otherwise I'll send my daughter as a proxy.)

I might bring my friend stomper girl
go and visit her and see what you think...

carrie said...

I don't think keeping you ladies in line will be too difficult!

It's a beautiful post. I'll share a cup with you ANYTIME!

Ali said...

Oh poor Val - I'll dry. Anything to be invited back. I am such a sad sack that I read that whole post more and more speedily thinking 'Where's my invite? Noooo - it's got lost in the post!'

So a calming cup of tea seems very much in order.

tess said...

thankyou for your lovely invitation!
think I'd better bring two tea cosies, with all these lovely friends you're going to need more than one teapot!

Fairlie - www.feetonforeignlands.com said...

Oh, yes please. That sounds like a cup of tea I couldn't possibly refuse. And I'm sure I'd get on well with Lina. I do play with with others...most of the time.

I'll be round in a tick.

Mary said...

I would give anything to be able to share a cup of tea with you in real life right now!!

Instead I will enjoy this delightful invitation.

Anonymous said...

I'll set out now despite the frost and fog, glad you haven't asked me to help with the washing up!
Willow House

dottycookie said...

I'll do the washing up as long as you provide me plenty of hot water and perhaps some fancy rubber gloves - have you any of those feather trimmed lovelies in your house?

But I am not drying up. Not even for you ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well, as you know I don't like the idea of flying....but for you dear friend, I'll do it!! ;) (And the fact that I'll have Anne and Ginnie with me helps tremendously!) One question: Do we get to meet Poppy?

dragonfly said...

Sounds like the perfect pick-me-up after a days schlepping around London - thank you! Is that china for real? It's beautiful

Anonymous said...

Er, how many cakes do I need to bring? I've lost count.

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

I can't wait! But do go for the kimono - you can be our eccentric host! The house - where did you find it?! It is is divine and would be the most perfect meeting place. How funny for the owner if they were to ever come across this.

I love this post. So clever and it made me smile a lot.

Hope your week is going well and that you have recovered post-interview. Crossing fingers for you in the direction of whichever way that you want it to go. x

ginny said...

fabulous post... what fun this would be. tea, cakes and lots of chat. I would so love to meet everyone.

Curlew Country said...

I'm well one the way to having enough china for everyone - even bought some new today, I must have heard you blogging! Smashing cakes btw!

Unknown said...

Excuse me, can I play too?