Friday 22 February 2008

Happy Landings

Last night the Lovely MissE set off
on her travels around the world.
First Stop - Thailand.
She has worked very hard for six months
to earn the money to pay for this adventure
and deserves to have a wonderful holiday.

The Mother of the Lovely MissE
has spent the last six months
researching inoculations, visas,
travel insurance and gadgets for travellers.
She is amazingly organised
and I'm hoping that she will teach me
everything she knows next year.

MasterM was very brave at the airport
but has quickly discovered
that it is not the traveller who is lonesome.
It is the person who is left behind.


the Lovely MissE is writing a travel blog
- much to MasterM's chagrin, it is the cool thing to do -
However, gap year tales are not really suitable reading
for elderly people of sensitive dispositions.
Like myself.

So he has not shared the blog address.


Anonymous said...

MrM would like to say apropos of nothing really that he first met MrsM who was then only the Lovely Miss A exactly 26 years ago today.

Which is rather difficult to explains as she is still 21.

tess said...

how romantic of you MrM to share this fact, and of course MrsM will always be 21! would it be impertinent to ask was it love at first sight?

thanks for my "thought for the day "Alice.

safe travels to Miss E.

Marmadaisy said...

What fun! And how sweet of MrM - I hope Mr Marmadaisy still thinks I'm lovely 26 years after meeting me.

dottycookie said...

Poor MasterM - I hope he can keep busy with school and rugby and not feel too lonely. But it looks as if his father is setting a good example for how to be charmingly romantic so I suspect he will be fine in the long run.

Best wishes to the Lovely MissE for a wonderful holiday!

Mary said...

Dear Mr M.

Poor Master M - it is gut wrenching - I remember !

Happy Trails to the Lovely Miss E.

Anonymous said...

That is the very purpose of a google search - seeking out information that your children think you're too sensitive to hear.

Happy travels to Miss E. My Ashleigh knows what it is like to be the one who leaves. I hope she is able to have a good time without any guilt.

blackbird said...

I need a gap year.

carrie said...

Good for her. What an experience!

And, I've tagged you for a meme -- hope you don't mind! :)

Ali said...

Happy meeting anniversary (that Mr M is an old romantic isn't he?).

And perhaps some things are best left unknown - as your wise son has decided.

Anonymous said...

I am sure my Lovely Miss E would love you to read her blog - she really enjoys reading yours and wants to receive comments from friends and family.

It will not be too shocking as she has given the website address to her grandparents to read and comment on! I'll give it to you when I see you at the fashion show on Saturday.