Wednesday 13 February 2008

A Secret Meeting of the Shepherds Pie Club

MasterM has a straightforward relationship with Shepherds Pie.
He hates everything about it.

So now we eat Shepherds Pie in secret,
when he is not at home.
I don't know why that should make me feel guilty.
But it does.


Edited to add

It would appear that a dislike of Shepherds Pie is a Boy Thing.
I had assumed that it was specific to MasterM and my fault
- due to some long- forgotten but very damaging incident
in his early childhood.
I am so grateful to you all for lifting this burden
which has worried me for years.


Anonymous said...

is the SPC affiliated to the SES ?

Unknown said...

How odd - my boy also groans very audubly when I say it's shepherds pie for tea - to me it's the ultimate comfort food

Ali said...

It was my brother's favourite when we were growing up and I hated it too. Sludgy food - bleugh.

Although now I find it oddly comforting. So there's hope for him yet!

Mary said...

We love it here. Used to make it with beef mince but now with lamb.

Might have to make it tomorrow night !

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Shepherd's Pie is met with groans from my boys too. I make them eat it though, sometimes, just sometimes.

blackbird said...

I have four boys over here who adore shepherds pie...perhaps because ours has cheese on top?

BreadBox said...

Is it shepherds pie or is it cottage pie? We generally don't use lamb for it (too hard to find decent lamb here, and too expensive to grind up for shepherds pie!)
Ah. Comfort food. And that batch looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I've never had shepards pie, but it has mashed potatoes on top rights? Yeah.....I'm with your son on this one!! :)

dottycookie said...

I used to hate shepherd's pie too - until I started making it myself. Is that wrong? Mostly I love my mum's cooking, but not that ...

tess said...

oh dear, having successfully managed to convince my children to eat mince in spaghetti bolognaise, and in chilli, I was hoping to add shepherds pie to the quick mid week menu, for food that is forgiving if it doesn't get served immediately, and you can go away and do things while it cooks.
I may have to rethink.

dragonfly said...

It sounds like a Marmite food, reading all those comments - love it or hate it! No2 doesn't like it, so therefore I don't make it for myself, which is a shame because I love it!

Lina said...

We love it in our family! Actually that's because on the extremely rare occasion (every other year) that my husband cooks, he makes this. For some weird reason he adds Chinese Five Spice...but we still love him anyway.

carrie said...

Oh yummy. I have got to stop coming here when it's late and I'm hungry.

Fortunately, I don't have time to just whip up a Shepherds Pie! :) So delicious.

Ginnie said...

My husband loves it - and so do I. But I've never made it. Maybe I need your recipe...