Friday 27 June 2008

Convenience Food

MrM found this nest
when he was cutting back the ivy hedge.
As he passed it to me he said

'This family liked take-away food'

We are living on convenience food
for the next two weeks.
There is much coming and going at ChezMagpie
and so time for cooking will be limited.

Time for self indulgence will be non-existent
and so all deep and meaningful posts
have been postponed;
lightweight trivia only for the next fortnight,
no blog-hopping for me
and I apologise in advance
for not being able to respond to emails
as quickly as I would like.

Talk among yourselves
you lovely, lovely blog people.


blackbird said...

Busy is good. Things in Tuvalu are grinding to an ominous halt.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. That's so cool how the shells are in there. They look like they were well fed. I have been watching our nest all day and the Mama has not left it much. Hope there are babies soon.

Hope you have a good time these couple weeks. I'll catch you on the other side of chemo! :)

Mary said...

maybe they were french birds?

Gina said...

Just hope your convenience food won't be snails.

Unknown said...

Wonder if it was a thrush's nest - they love snails

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope you also found evidence of crushed garlic. I hate to think of those birds eating the snails without any flavour enhancement!

Anonymous said...

trivia is good. don't work too hard.

walter and me said...

Trivia is fun! (as are birds' nests) Have a happy time over the next couple of weeks.

Unknown said...

I collect those kind of shells from our woods. The last thing i used them for was to decorate a pair of shoes.

dottycookie said...

Good luck ...

Unknown said...

I love this nest. Just love it.