Tuesday 10 June 2008

Normal Service Resumes

MasterM has been shopping.

He has chosen these Masculine
and yet Interesting Flip-Flops.
which he found in H&M for MEN.
They tone with his Combat Shorts
which have Many Manly pockets
for Important and Manly items.
Please note that the
predominant colour is Olive Green
which, as we all know,
is the colour favoured by Ray Mears.

Olive Green is Not For Wimps.

I cannot imagine why
MrM who is supposed to be
a Retail Guru
should think they came from
Cath Kidston.


blackbird said...

Each of my boys has had their turn with the pink tee shirt.

Unknown said...

I like them. Flowers are very 'in' these days. And Kath does roses, doesn't she? Not tropicals at all!

Lynn said...

It's all about being Masculine Yet Interesting, isn't it? My ten-year-old would love those flip-flops. He's desperately seeking a t-shirt he saw that reads, "Tough Guys Wear Pink." And he loves it that 927 people have now mistaken him for a girl (because of the long hair).

P.S. At first I thought your post title was Normal Service Résumés, after all of that job-change talk. Made me wonder what an Abnormal Service Résumé might look like...

dottycookie said...

Well, quite honestly, he must be manly if he can stand wearing flip flops. After boned strapless evening dresses, they have to be the most uncomfortable piece of clothing ever. Hmmmm, that probably didn't make him feel any better, did it?

carolyn said...


Anonymous said...

It says that he is secure in his own masculinity. (we call them things , not flip flops, is that still masculine?)

Gina said...

Excellent choice of flipflops. I have great admiration for any man comfortable enough with himself to wear pink (and flowers!) My no. 3 son has lots of macho manly pink T-shirts and no. 4 has pink jeans!

Anonymous said...

two points:-
Mrs MRM always told me never trust a man in a pink shirt. Obviously times move on.
Flip-flops/things, OK if you can keep them on because anything has to be better to look at than those fluorescent crocs no matter how comfortable people say they are to wear.

Anonymous said...

My two yer old boy would love them, pink being one of his favourite colours. These days boys are so cosmopolitan!

Melody said...

Olive green...yes, yes. (no, not pink, definitely olive green...)

Unknown said...

Typical bloke - just can't tell one floral from another! Mind you at least he's heard of Cath Kidston - mine would just say Cath who?!?!?

Amy A. said...

I'd like the girl version.

Margaret said...

I love them! My husband would probably wear them, except he doesn't like prints ;)

Oh, and my thesis defense went really well! I'm done!