Sunday 29 June 2008

Essential Picnic Equipment

Dear Ali,

You will be glad to know
that I have bought
a corkscrew
for my picnic basket.
(I am not sure why I didn't think of this before.)
It is now safe to have a picnic with me.
You will no longer have to choose between
dying of thirst
asking total strangers if they have a corkscrew

Yrs, Embarrassed


Allison said...

Ok, what's the back story here, I must know.

Ali said...

I have no shame (in case you hadn't noticed)!

Anonymous said...

I guess that drinking water wasn't an option?

Anonymous said...

One must always have a cork screw for your picnic basket. How else can you enjoy a nice glass of wine? THAT is why we go on picnics isn't it?

driftwood said...

and I see that one also has a handy attachment for getting stones out of horses hooves, often another problem of picnics....

dottycookie said...

Excellent news.

I'm afraid I take the plebby way out and go for cheap wine with screw tops. Speaking of which ...