Tuesday 5 August 2008

Avignon Festival 08

Avignon in July is a joyous place
but not for the faint-hearted.

It is full of festival enthusiasts
receptive to every new experience.

Every surface covered with posters;

Every café table is full.

If you go down the narrow side-streets
you might find an impromptu wind quintet

or perhaps somebody ironing.

Take care not be run over by a van with a piano

Or distracted by a man in a sheet.

There are artistic possibilities everywhere.

I am tempted by the Tragedy of the Broad Beans...

I hate Broad Beans.


Lynn said...

Wacky! What a feast for the eyes. I loved all of these pictures -- you must have had a blast with all of the great photo opps!

Melody said...

So much to photograph! The ironing photo cracked me up!!

Fairlie - www.feetonforeignlands.com said...

The man in the sheet looks particularly well-pressed. Do you think he stopped by the woman with the ironing board on the way?

kristina said...

Love the outdoor ironing! Not sure where I would plug it in though. Also thinking the 'Tragedy of the Broad Beans' would be a fab headliner for the next allotment social! K x

Anonymous said...

Check out the under-card to the "Bye Bye to the Broad Beans" one.

Vingt-quatre heures sounds like a short lived phenomenon

Anonymous said...

If ever I iron in the street people will know I have finally lost my mind!

Broad beans deserve everything they get!

blackbird said...

It's the end! The end of the broad beans!

Anonymous said...

they're all has-beans !!

"boom, boom" as Basil Brush would say !

RW said...

These are some fantastic sights you have shown us.

I miss Europe.

BC just celebrated it's 150th birthday - we are just babies.

Anonymous said...

How fantastic! I want to go, too!

Ali Honey said...

Great photographic tour. Where was the power source for the iron?
Try peeling broad beans after they are cooked add a little butter and just eat the green inside - YUM!

Mary said...

I KNEW your photographic tour would be wonderful.

I did get a little bit distracted by some of the handbags being carried though!