Friday 8 August 2008

Chocolate Therapy

Last Friday evening I came home from work
and ate four chocolate biscuits.

Ate is perhaps too genteel a verb.
Aspirated might be more accurate.

It was the end of my first proper week
and it had been hard.

Too many people to meet;
too much to learn.

So much chocolate plays havoc
with blood sugar levels
and so I went to sleep immediately.

When I woke up I listed my achievements:

reorganised office
ordered and installed new computer
taken my team to lunch
conducted two appraisals
completed Financial Year End
assisted in major office move
planned Capital Expenditure for year
learned how to operate Financial system.

I don't think I can keep that up much longer.

I really hope next week is a
'one chocolate biscuit'
kind of week.


Quinn said...

Good heavens. I thought my week was challenging! Now I see I was coasting.

Margaret said...

Haha, chocolate biscuits do help soothe work woes, don't they!

I hope next week is better. You did well, though. I would have eaten more than 4 biscuits if I'd had that much to do!

Lynn said...

Egad! Will you please come and organize my life? I'll share my stash of Green & Black's with you...Wait: stash gone. I'll replenish.

blackbird said...

I can't decide if this inspires me or makes me want to hide.

Anonymous said...

I think the four chocolate biscuits should have made it to the list of achievements.

walter and me said...

Blimey MrsM, you dive in feet first! I'd have had chocolate (probably a whole box) and champagne to celebrate that achievement. Makes my week seem very tame and unproductive. Hope you get to put your feet up over the weekend.

kristina said...

I think you better slow down a bit. You might work yourself out of a job by next week. Sounds like you're being far too efficient! K x

Anonymous said...

all sounds a bit of a choc to the system !

Marmadaisy said...

Either you posed those biscuits for effect for aesthetic purposes, or you managed to restrain your binge long enough to take pictures of them.

Anonymous said...

I shall be conducting a choc audit this evening i.e. making sure that there are few left for me

Anonymous said...

I wish we had chocolate biscuts here. I am a number one believer in chocolate therapy.I hope your day goes smoothly but perhaps you can still have at least one :)

Anonymous said...

should there not be five choccie biscuits arranged in Olympic logo style to mark the start of the Beijing Olympics ??

Anonymous said...

Oooohhhhhh, I LOVE chocolate therapy. And it sure sounds like you needed it! I hope you're finding all the new work to be done rewarding! (Besides the chocolate reward, of course.)

BreadBox said...

I do hope that your achievements this week fail to match last week's achievements. Otherwise your bosses are going to expect better and better things every week: a much better idea to let them know that you are merely incredibly fantastic, rather than lead them to expect the impossible tomorrow!


RW said...

That is some list of accomplishments.
Holy Dinah.

I think I would have had at least a couple glasses of wine.

Continued success in your new position!

Penny said...

they look like nice biscuits though

they are not tatty emergency biscuits from the Happy Shopper

Ginnie said...

Good grief! That sounds like a year's worth of work. If you keep that up, be sure to ask your employer to subsidize your chocolate habit.

Mary said...

That really is a big week.

And an incredibly restrained intake of chocolate.

Rae said...

Oh, I know those weeks. You more than deserved the biscuits!

But what ARE those? I want one!

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

I love those biscuits, but most especially when we find that we have one where the biscuit inside is missing - the chocolate seems to be more lovely than any I've ever tasted when eaten alone.

I hope that this week is better. x