Thursday 28 August 2008

The Last Flowers of Summer

I had been saving these for a special occasion.

What sort of occasion deserves yellow flowers
winding through white fences,
bright against limestone?

I had thought it would be a day of heat, of deep shadows.

Now I realise that it is on days like this:
damp grey and with a chill wind

that I need to see these yellow flowers
opalescent in afternoon sunshine.

They will give me courage
as I turn my face to the autumn.


This post is for Mary, my friend,
who always sees the beauty around her.


Mary said...

Thank you. For everything.

trash said...

As beautiful as yellow irises.

dottycookie said...

Very lovely; but surely it can't be autumn yet? Not fair, too soon!

walter and me said...

Beautiful, very warming for a grey day (like today!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the flowers. They brightened up my day too!

Anonymous said...

I am certain that you will have a three day rush of summer weather towards the end of September...otherwise those fromthe tropics might not cope!

lovely photos.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Sunshine!

RW said...

Lovely for me as well; the rain cometh - wait - it has arrived.

dragonfly said...

Yellow and grey together are very 'in' at the moment!
I have little pockets of colour in my garden, but the need the sun to show them off...

blackbird said...

Isn't she wonderful, Mary?