Friday 22 August 2008

MasterM has been and gone

Wednesday Morning
MasterM flies into Terminal 5 from South Africa

Just for once there was NO laundry;
his suitcase was filled with clean, ironed clothes.
He was so proud of this that for a mad moment
I thought he had done it himself.
(Thank you, thank you lovely Faith)

We went out for a celebration meal and there was much to discuss:
the rhino with the biggest horn;
team selection for the Springboks;
the Santa Claus party;
business opportunities in Zululand

Thursday Morning
MasterM flies out of Terminal 5 to Germany.
He will be travelling around Eastern Europe
with 3 friends from school
staying in cheap hostels
eating cheap food
seeing a new world.

It is not his first experience of independent travel
but this time he organised it himself.
He was dismayed to discover
that he will need 5 different currencies;
he had thought he could use Euros everywhere.

As we drove to the airport he said
"I've just thought...
I don't have a Guide Book..."

and then he smiled and said
"I'm sure if there is a problem
I will come up with a cunning plan."


blackbird said...

What a summer!

Ali said...

But I see he did get the chance to stock up with the essentials for travel (Percy Pigs).

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

I love that M&S had laid on an entire stand of Percy Pigs in his honour though!

Hoping you are not feeling too bereft - he sounds very capable and the ability to formulate cunning plans is obviously something that will leave him far better off than the ability to remember a guide book.


Anonymous said...

Never get between a young man and his cunning plan!

How exciting to watch him take charge and spread his wings. You have raised a capable young adult.

Anonymous said...

Percy Pigs were good enough for a trip up Mt Etna a few months ago so I think that they will cope with anything.

MasterM has gone out with the second volume of the PLF trilogy (I hope he gets round to writing the third vol soon as he is knocking on a bit now)- "Between the Woods and the Water". Things have changed a bit over the last 75 years of course.

trash said...

Never fear! His plan will be as cunning as one devised by Mr. Cunning of Cunning street, Cunningsville, Co.Cunning my Lord.


Gina said...

You can't beat a cunning plan! That boy will go far!

Mary said...

Er - with his brilliant A levels I have no doubt he will come up with a cunning AND clever plan.

Which may well involve you both.

dragonfly said...

You must be very proud!

And you just can't beat a cunning plan...

Anonymous said...

What are Percy Pigs? I am at an American disadvantage.

Master M is such a world traveler! What an adverture! He will have such a fabulous time! :)

Margaret said...

Well, good luck to Master M! It will be an adventure, to be sure.