Monday 11 August 2008

MrM and the Ice Cream Man

Every summer evening
an Ice Cream Van comes down our road
and the cheery music is part of our life.
The Ice Cream Man parks right outside our house
and it is very difficult to resist the temptation.

Once a year MrM has to organise a BBQ for 250 people.
As well as the food he hires a *band,
a children's entertainer and three bouncy castles.
This year MrM had a bright idea...
what about an ice cream van as well!

And so MrM had a business conversation
with the Ice Cream Man and discovered that
he is called Vincenzo and comes from Sicily.
Vincenzo was going back to Sicily for a holiday
but he suggested his cousin Guiseppe.

Which is why MrM had a free ice-cream
on a wet Saturday afternoon
and a chat with Guiseppe about Sicily.
Don't tell MissM
- she will be very jealous -
because, actually, the Ice Cream Man is HER friend.

*(sadly, The Gagging Ferrets were not available this year)


trash said...

We have an ice-cream van in our twon. He doesn't come down our little lane (they are all 458 y.o. down here)but we hear him. All year round. Whatever the weather. I think he may be a drugs front.

blackbird said...

Mr.M. is just the cutest guy.

carrie said...

Oh, that ice cream van will be the biggest hit at the BBQ!

Lynn said...

I hesitated to say this, because I didn't want to embarrass Mr. M, but...That is without a doubt the cutest Husband Photo ever to appear on any blog anywhere.

kristina said...

Fab idea! The ice cream man will be a big improvement over the ferrets! K x

Anonymous said...

clever man - he knows how to please his guests!

walter and me said...

And does MrM have a favourite flavour?

Anonymous said...

I love the icecream van! We don' have one where we live anymore. welive too far out!
MrM looks like a kid in a candy store!

Allison said...

Will you please arrange for Vincenzo to drop by my home this evening as I am CRAVING strawberry ice cream in a sugar cone. Thanks!

walter and me said...

Alice, I've given you an award...come on over and pick it up! D x

Anonymous said...

I have a friend so cruel she convinced her kids that when the ice cream van plays the music driving along it means he's ran out of icecream!!!

How horrible is that?