Saturday 9 August 2008

Paws for Thought

Kennel Report : POPPY

Poppy settled in well
she knew that she would get a Bonio
when she walked into the kennel

and she enjoyed socialising with other dogs
that is unusual - are they talking about the right dog?
Poppy was very chilled in the daytime
she slept – as usual
and ate all her food
no surprise there
Poppy went out into the exercise area but did not stay long
She did not want to miss us if we arrived while she was outside.

All the kennel hands love Poppy
and look forward to seeing her again soon.
Poppy is gratified by this
but will be quite happy not to take up this offer


Mary said...

Poppy continues to astound me with her insights!

trash said...

I love it when we come across these conversation converters. I have one somewhere that converrts adultspeak for kids. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Poppy says that late in life she has discovered yoghurt, especially the gloopy stuff under the lid, is what she needs to maintain a glossy sheen to her fur. Far more effective than the snake-oil Malteser pills she has been taking on an irregular basis.

Marmadaisy said...

Charlie, Paddy, Wizzle and Cookie all say "poor Poppy, you can stay with us next time. We will teach you how to dig holes and make wet paw prints on the cream leather sofa"

Margaret said...

Poor Poppy! It must be tough to leave your dog at the kennel. It's like leaving a kid in daycare!

Anonymous said...

Eat all of your food, but don't spend to long in the exercise yard...that sounds like a metaphor for a goooood life!

Ginnie said...

Socializing with other dogs? Quincy would never grasp this concept. The kennel people would be glad to see the last of him. Good for Poppy!