Wednesday 6 August 2008

Postcards from Africa

Hluhluwe Game Reserve c 1974
from the third page of MrsM's first photograph album


The uniform regulations are very strict...
my skirt is measured every Saturday.
I nearly got detention because it was 1cm too short
but all my friends said
‘That’s not fair – she’s only a visitor’
so I just got a warning!!!!


Please book a coach trip from Jo’burg to Cape Town
for the day after tomorrow.


I went to stay with a friend on her farm
and we made Chocolate and Beetroot cake.
You use beetroot juice which is really thick
and it made a horrible mess
but it tasted really good!!!!


I can’t take any money out of the CashPoint machine...
how do I sort it out?


I am SO excited...
I am going to the Hluhluwe Game reserve!!!!


Tell MissM that if she winds down the window of the car
and plays the sound of lions roaring
at top volume on the car speakers
all the animals look up
and her photos will be more interesting.


blackbird said...

MasterM knows a lot about animals - especially giraffes, right?

Mary said...

Somehow - even with car radios and cameras featuring , there is still something endearingly old fashioned about this.

You must be missing them like crazy!

Ali said...

Beats 'Dear Mum, how are you, I am fine' hands down.

I didn't know you'd been too Alice.

Anonymous said...

No point beating about the bush on this one. All of this is leading me much closer to going on a Lions tour to SA next year. Only problem is how to allocate the rest of the holiday for next year. MrsM has views on this.

walter and me said...

Love that old photo. And oh, MissM and MasterM do make me smile...

BreadBox said...

What a useful tip that last one from MasterM is! I shall have to remember it next time I am on safari....


Unknown said...

And who says there are no gender differences....

I love Mr M's tip, how did he come across this fact?? It paints a wonderful picture.

Gina said...

I love it... such a boy!