Thursday 23 October 2008

Art and the Man

MasterM tells us that one of his school friends
has just sold a painting for £1,000.

We are very impressed and glad.
This young man, who struggled with
aspects of his school life,
has just started at a prestigious Art School
where he will be able to develop his great talent.

MasterM ponders his own Art Career
and wonders if he could sell
one of his earlier masterpieces.

Very little remains from the Abstract period...
his enthusiasm for murals
was discouraged by a Philistine mother.

The Naive period is well documented
- a folder full of cute pictures
of Potato People
has been retained for posterity.
The Artist's mother will not sell.

The later Figurative period was characterised
by much expenditure on materials
but saw a dramatic improvement
in brush technique.
It could be referred to as his
'Snot Green Period'.

MasterM very much regrets a youth wasted;
time spent on the rugby field
when he could have been honing his portraiture.
He realises that he has been careless...
if only he had brought back
a shark or two from Australia
he could have moved into the whole BritArt scene.


Anonymous said...

Oh How wonderful for MasterM's friend! Very big deal!

I am sorry to hear that MasterM is artistically challenged! :)

I love the inspiration for his eary works! Hee Hee!

Unknown said...

Snot green period - so funny!

How shocking to 'waste' so much time playing rugby!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Master M will create a whole new style of art combining the two - SportArt.

Am suggesting initially a stylised rugby match played slo-mo in a gallery in Central London. Sell the concept for millions to Saatchi and smile enigmatically, obviously NOT forgetting the origin of the concept ;-)

Gina said...

Ah yes... if only! Congratulations to Master M's friend. That is quite an achievement. And belated brthday wishes to the lovely Miss E

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, I remember the day an 8 year old, now at art school, declared, "I can do that" when looking in a gallery.
Congrats to Master M's friend let us hope this is the first if many sales.

Mary said...

My husband would say that the playing of rugby means that Master M has not wasted a second of his time..

blackbird said...

Couldn't he parlay his talent for rugby into a professional career as a major sports star? We could all shout BEND IT LIKE MASTER M. from the stands and women would go wild for him.

Or is rugby not like that? I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps on leaving a rugby field he could use canvas to wipe the mud from himself in artistic ways...

Jackie said...

We had the same outlay on the same 'materials' of the figurative period.Now we trip over said figures and just can't bear to part with them, despite the fact that they are cluttering up many a cupboard and drawer.