Saturday 11 October 2008

A Belated Preface to a Blog

Fifi wrote a comment on my last post which touched me.

It is always so nice to come here, such gorgeous pictures and lovely tales.
I always feel, though, a bit wistful, and wish my family life was as happy as yours.

I hope that she will not mind if I share my response to her.

Dear Fifi,
Thank you for your kind words - I feel that I should explain that I decided before I even started my blog that if it was going to a public record of our family life that it would not be a place for arguments, uncomfortable revelations or sadness. We have had our fair share of all of those and that is why I am so appreciative of the happy times. I know that this gives a distorted view of our family life but I am fine with that because I want it to be a written memory for my children not a detailed autobiography. Everyone approaches blogging in different ways and for different reasons and, fortunately, there is no correct way! It is the variety of perspective that makes Blogland so fascinating.
Love Alicex

Fifi shares her life through pictures of exceptional beauty and poetic insights. She has written one of my all time favourite posts which I remember every time I go over Richmond Bridge.


fifi said...

Dear Alice,

That is so very sweet.
I realise that you would not reveal bickering or anything untoward, you paint such a loving and gentle scene, your nature comes through in all you write.
Certainly, that you all love each other dearly is evident in both the words and the pictures, it's a happy nest from which you watch your world.

I don't think anyone should take the everyday happiness of an intact family forgranted, from where I stand at the potential unravelling of mine, it looks such a wonderful place to be.

Thank you for the generous compliment about my posts. I am wishing I were crossing Richmond Bridge myself...
have a lovely weekend,

RW said...

Thanks for the nod over to Fifi's blog. A lovely bit of writing.

Gina said...

A beautiful response Alice. You may choose to write only of the happy joyous times but it always feels true. And it always makes a happy joyous read. Thank you.

Melody said...

One of the main reasons I love popping by here is for your lovely words with matching beautiful photos. I realise your world is different from mine but deep down we are all the same. You just choose not to blog about them. And that's why I love to pop by too!

Eleanor said...

Lovely to meet Fifi. I had read her comment to your previous post and it had stayed with me.

I think that reading blogs might be akin to reading music. You need to pay as much attention to the rest symbols as to the actual notes.

Jackie said...

Oh Alice thank you for showing us'fifi'. I was once, for 6 years, a frequent crosser of Richmond Bridge,
but I had to return to 'my North Country.' I still visit..I love Richmond at this time of year and used often to walk along the Riverbank. I recently discovered Petersham Nurseries and their beautiful(but unnaffordable)wares.