Tuesday 14 October 2008

University Challenge

MrsM hears shouting in the sitting room
and anxiously goes to check what is happening.
It is not an emergency...
it is only MrM and MasterM
watching University Challenge.

We could make a great team
You mean - you could do sport
and your father**
could do everything else?
I have just been doing
Shakespearean Tragedies.

MrsM is impressed

MrM and MasterM
get back to the serious business
of rubbishing the panellists.

Haven't you EVER been around Europe??
He's only a mathematician.

As MrsM leaves the room
MrM and MasterM shout out in unison
NOT Achilles and ODYSSEUS...
It was Achilles and AGAMEMNON

It is so cultured in Chez Magpie.


**MrM was on University Challenge
in his youth.
He was part of the highest scoring team
of the time.
He is the perfect person to have
on your pub quiz team.


Fairlie - www.feetonforeignlands.com said...

I was a one-night champion on "Sale of the Century" (a TV quiz gameshow here in Australia.) To have been on University Challenge sounds so much more intellectually impressive!

Anonymous said...

It sounds intellectually impressive, but my only experience has been that episode of The Young Ones in the 80s.

I'm sure that MrM was neither a punk nor a hippie...

Anonymous said...

I too watched University Challenge last night and thought it a bit unfair that all the St John's Cambridge team were post-graduates (brilliant thought they were). It's the same when boat race crews include postgrads!

Jackie said...

I wish I'd concentrated a bit more..I had it on in my sewing room so it was punctuated by 'whirrrsss'if you know what I mean. I think Jeremy is a bit un-impartial (if thats a word)and very condescending.

blackbird said...

Oh-so intellectual over there...here, the men dispute film techniques or guitar riffs.

Anonymous said...

What a highly cultured son you have!

Here it would be a dispute would be about sports and football and silly things like that!

trash said...

I agree with Thomas. There were too many post-grads last night. Although, I am only allowed to watch for little bits when CK is home. Apparently I get a little bit heated!

Anonymous said...

MrM feels obliged to point out that he was only a small part of the UC team. We had a PhD student reading Social Anthropology who was ferociously bright and used to get the first 60 points singlehanded which use to intimidate the opposition until we could chip in with our offerings to the cause.

My musical knowledge nowadays does not extend much beyond the Corrs. Tempora mutantur and all that.

Unknown said...

I feel thoroughly inadequate - I love UC and celebrate in fine style (much to the childrens' disgust) if I manage to answer three or more correctly! (And that doesn't happen very often I can tell you)

Gina said...

We're not that intellectual over here... QI on a Friday night is about our level!

Joanne said...

It is wonderful when you realise you know the answers and the contestants don't, but strange how little shouting at the TV you do when you don't know what on earth they are talking about (particle physics, medieval art...)

dottycookie said...

Have you seen Starter For Ten? You may look at Mr M's UC achievements in a whole new light ;-)

I spend most of the programme shouting at the TV, esepcially when Jeremy Paxman is so snooty at people's lack of knowledge on classical subjects then demonstrates his complete ignorance of basic science. Ha!

fifi said...

I had to do trivia quiz on 1948 last night at a birthday party and I didn't get a single answer right!
Next time I will know who to invite.

By the way I adored that churchyard post, and hello to all of your friends who called by my place during the week.

Anonymous said...

me and my husband always play. and I'm happy to say I win 9 times out of 10.

I have to let him win at least one or he doesn't want to play anymore...