Wednesday 22 October 2008

Birthday Greetings

Today is the birthday of The Lovely MissE.

She and MasterM are no longer
(how shall I say it?)
an item.

However, she is a much loved friend
and I hope that she won't mind
if we still call her Our Lovely MissE.

We all wish her the Happiest of Days
and a Year full of Good Things.

I am hoping to persuade her
to join me on an expedition
to find vintage clothes in the holidays.
Please say yes, dear Lovely MissE!


Lynn said...

If it doesn't work out, Alice, just send me a plane ticket -- I love shopping for vintage clothes.

blackbird said...

Happy day to Miss E.

(For the record, Juliet has left our midst as well.)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday MissE.
And I hope happy shopping as well!

dottycookie said...

Happy Birthday, Miss E!

Attic24 said...

I had a dream a couple nights ago about the Mother of my first boyfriend, I loved her dearly.
Its been maybe 18 years since that boyfriend and I split, yet I still think of the Mother a great deal, more than the ex boyfriend as it happens.
I'll send her a card today and tell her I think of her.

Hope you and the Lovely MissE continue your friendship. I really, really do.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the lovely Miss E.
Attic24's comment reminded me of a boyfriend's Mother who I simply adored, I visited her long after the said boyfriend and I split up. Sadly, inevitably I suppose, we lost contact and I rather think that she must be long gone by now as she was rather elderly.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Miss E. I hope you have a lovely day.
We too had a Miss E. (literally) she and my son split up about six years ago after two and a half years together. My daughter and I still keep in contact with her and occasionally go out for lunch or a coffee. She is delightful and I think of her as my second daughter. I hope you will maintain the contact, (ex-girlfriends can be very special.)

Anonymous said...

I have just commented and came up as "anonymous". Just wanted you to know that I am not one of your lurkers. Viv

Mary said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely Miss E.

I too hope that is a friendship which can be maintained.

And I hope the breakup was not too traumatic for the young Master.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Such an adorable card!

Jackie said...

Oh, we had a 'Miss H'.
I loved her dearly...more than 'Master C the younger' did.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we have lost our Master G as well, as he's in LA and N is in LA, Maine. I'm a bit sad about it, too.

M said...

Happy Birthday Miss E. Ah, it is so hard when the parents are so fond of the exes. I guess it will happen to me one day. I hope she says yes.

M said...

I don't think I like these new comment forms. Do you?