Sunday 5 October 2008

MissM meets Ignorance.

MissM tells us that some of her friends
have NEVER seen Swiss Family Robinson!!

This causes consternation
around the dining room table.

"I tried to tell them about the treehouse
and coconut bombs and the tiger traps
but they just laughed.
And when I mentioned the ostrich race
where the monkey rides on the ostrich
nobody believed me."

We all nod gravely - such ignorance is shocking.

"And then there was that whole Fritz/Hans/Roberta thing
- although I can't remember
whether it was Fritz or Hans who got Roberta
after the duel over the straw hat.
I know that the other one left
with the Roberta's grandfather
who was saved from the piratey people."

MrsM gently suggests that
MissM might have watched
Swiss Family Robinson
472 times more than the average child.
MissM looks sad as she concedes
that not everybody has has the advantages
that she has had as a child.


Anonymous said...

Fritz wins Hans down.

Or the importance of being Ernst (thank you Wikipedia)

Mary said...

Similarly I am always shocked when people tell me they have not read

"My Family and other Animals."

kristina said...

I'm afraid I'm one of the ignorant ones. I better add it to my Lovefilm list straight away! K x

Unknown said...

Isn't it funny how families have their own favourites and traditions and it seems so strange to hear from other people that they didn't do the same - I'm ashamed to say I can't remember if I've seen Swiss Family Robinson either although I guess I must have one winters afternoon in front of the tv before gathering round the table for boiled eggs and tinned fruit with carnation milk. The pictures do seem familiar - those were the days. Great result against Wasps yesterday (VBG)

Anonymous said...

Not enjoyed the animals in the race? Unthinkable!

blackbird said...

Perhaps other households have their own Swiss Family Robinson...some children can quote long passages of Star Wars, for example.

Anonymous said...

While I don't know that I've ever watched the Swiss Family Robinson movie, I did spend my childhood watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory approximately 472times.

As a child, I was obsessed with the idea of living in that chocolate factory--where the goal for each day would be to eat as much candy as possible.

I don't know that I've ever outgrown the hope that some day it might actually happen...

It's good to have dreams.

trash said...

shocking. simply shocking. hope this does not leave miss m scarred for life.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm yes, it can come as quite a shock when one discovers that others haven't had quite the same influences as oneself. My children are always quite aghast.

Lynn said...

I LOVED SFR! Every time I see one of those lavish coffee-table books about tree houses, I get all dreamy-eyed, remembering my fantasies about living in one. Thanks for reminding me -- must go and rent it to share with Big Lad, along with the obligatory Sound of Music.

Locket Pocket said...

Ooooh, the little Lockets have never seen that either and I can't remember it clearly! I also realised yesterday that they've never seen Mrs Doubtfire (clearly not such a classic as SFR but still rather good). I discovered this gap in their tele-visual education when I ran away to my next-door neighbours for half an hour of child-free sanity to find them watching it! Lucy x

dragonfly said...

I should confess to not having seen it either...or I may just have a shocking memory.

I'm proud to admit though, that I've never seen The Sound of Music and don't ever intend to!