Friday 20 February 2009


Camellia 'Liberty Bell'

Some people dream of roses around the front door
to scent the air on balmy summer evenings.

I have rose coloured camellias
around the dining room window
to give me moments of joy
on the cold, grey mornings of February.

It is a different sort of dream, I suppose.


Edited to add:
I realised later that
it is the dream of a pessimist
who expects the grey days in life.
Perhaps I should request a
David Austin catalogue.


Anonymous said...

A dream that is hot pink looks alright to me!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea camelias bloomed in February...They look beautiful!

Ali Honey said...

In my experience the camellias are less trouble - pest wise.Both are lovely. You can get perfumed camellias too - mostly species ones. I have a small pale pink called Cinnamon Cindy that smells like it's name.
David Austin rose( named after his father ) has a fabulous scent and is prolific - if you really are choosing one ( apricot colour )
Have some of both if you have the space would be my suggestion - enjoy!

Gina said...

I think a Camelia dream is very optimistic. Well it would be for me because I can't grow them in our soil. And February mornings ARE cold and grey!

dottycookie said...

I remember this time last year confessing to you that I have no camellias, and envying yours. And guess what? This year is no different - which is either comforting or worrying, depending on your viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

Camelias are the harbingers of Spring, and are much more luscious that roses. My one camelia is named R L Wheeler and is still in tight bud, it will be weeks and weeks before I have such beautiful blossoms.
If you went down the David Austin road you could perhaps have Crown Princess Margareta, Gertrude Jekyll or Lady Sylvia adorning your window frame? I think I would opt for the wonderfully named Teasing Georgia for my window - you never know what she might get up to!

silverpebble said...

I'm not sure it is pessimistic - just pragmatic - the camelias bloom when the roses don't. The look beautiful - are they single flowered? I prefer these to the full double variety.

Unknown said...

Camellias are a wonderful thing in February, you're not a pessimist just a pragmatist.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine haveing such pretty blooms in Feruary! It is darn cold here :)

Anonymous said...

Man I need spell check!!! Sorry :(

RW said...

They are blooming already? We are still looking at the remainder on snowy bits and frost everywhere.


Attic24 said...

Alice there's absolutely nothing pessimistic about expecting the months to be seasonal. February is a winter month after all and supposed to be cold and grey. The trick is to anticipate the seasons and celebrate them, and your camelia does that to perfection. Enjoy every precious moment of having that colour round your window

ps the DA catalogue is beautiful, well worth getting so you can dream of summer

Anonymous said...

As far as David Austin is concerned I recall finding a very old credit for £16.50 from them a few years back. As it was still just within the statute of limitations (6 yrs)I contacted DA and asked for the cash to match the credit note. V pleased to receive the full refund after all that time.

Anonymous said...


You can have both, you know. I was just looking at the David Austin catalog -- I was thinking it would be wise to buy all four of their best roses ever, and then you could get an extra one free. Doesn't that make sense? ???? So economical.

carrie said...

We had a giant camellia bush outside our front door when I was growing up. It had bright magenta blooms and I still stare at it when I drive by.

So lovely.

tess said...

the David Austen catalog is my favourite read at the moment, but which to choose....