Wednesday 25 February 2009

Life Lessons

Super-Stylish Monica has asked what I learned today.

I learned that
if you wear your blouse
inside out
all day
you really, really, really hope
that everyone thought
that the seams
were a design feature.


Anonymous said...

If no one commented they probably didn't notice!

Look on the bright side - you might have been wearing odd shoes, they surely would have provoked a reaction?

Penny Blogs said...

Last night Mr C and I popped out to the pub. Upon leaving he asked what the huge purple thing was attached to the back of my coat - it seems I'd been going round London for most of the day with a huge "please keep your feet off the seats" sticker stuck to my bottom!

I didn't dare ask at work today as to why no one told me about it!

Jackie said...

I could regale you several embarassing clothes stories..hmmm..which one shall I choose? How about th eone where I had a raincoat with a detachable hood, which I asked my husband to re attach one day while I was wearing the coat. (Please note at this point:the coat was cream the hood lining was maroon paisley)I went to church, on my way out I noticed it was raining so I put my hood up. It wasn't till I arrived home that I realised it had been re attached inside out.(For the bra attached to the shawl story, and the stockings I thought were tights but had no suspenders story see me privately)

Anonymous said...

Mrs C - I bet all the people at work kept their feet off your seat and wondered about the incident that had caused you to issue such a warning!

Funny, funny, funny!

Lynn said...

I hate it when that happens.

What next -- mismatched socks??

Gina said...

I though inside out clothes are what we are supposed to be wearing... that's what my sons seem to wear all the time.

blackbird said...


Attic24 said...

OH LOL ALice!!!
I once went all day wearing a large pink Piglet hairslide jauntily in my hair, forgetting I'd picked it up off the floor that morning and stuck it in my hair temporarily on my way upstairs to take it back to Daughters bedroom. Only i got distracted and didn't take it out. Only noticed late in the day when I glanced up at the mirror while washing my hands.
Large gasp, and mentally run through list of people I've had conversations with that day who gave me odd looks.