Thursday 26 February 2009

Whitstable Harbour

MissM and I decide that we must have some sea air
and so we head for the coast.

It is a grey day and the famous beach huts
are barred and bolted shut
but the inner harbour is bustling with visitors.

The quayside is littered with ropes and anchors,
nets, chains and blue plastic buckets.

The salty air makes us hungry
but not enough to eat cockles, whelks or jellied eels.

We are tempted by an ice cream parlour
which promises us that their ice cream
will make us 'weep tears of joy'.

After trialling the honeycomb flavour
MissM assures me that her eyes definitely welled up briefly
to prevent me from demanding our money back.

It is all very relaxing
and I only feel slightly enraged
by the spelling mistake

and couldn't care less
about the apostrophes.


Jackie said...

That sounds like a very dangerous place to me. A place to make you not care about the apostrophes.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! It sounds like you are both enjoying half term :)

Anonymous said...

Lcuky there's a whole ocean between here and that sign because I care a lot for apostrophes!

Lynn said...

Its' komferting to know that American's havent' cornured the market on inuppropriate use of apostrophe's. Or on sign misspeling's.

(Hmmm...which do I love more, jellied eels or "mussles"??? Answer: ice cream.)

Ali said...

Nooooo - we were there too. We could have yabbered over a pot of whelks (my favourite, so rubbery and yet so good). But poor Miss M would have been forced into hard labour on the sandcastle front.

trash said...

Perhaps it was an instruction? Was there a fisherman nearby wearing a name tag? Was his hair all too straight and organised? Oh dear, did we not look hard enough?

Anonymous said...

I hope Lynn Truss doesn't read this blog, you would be chastised!

Unknown said...

My goodness, throwing the care of apostrophes to the wind, you were certainly in a seaside frame of mind. I must say that a jelly eel sounds rather more appetising to me than a jellied one.

fifi said...

I love the beautiful blue and orange nets.
and the seafood.
and the icecream.

Gina said...

The apostrophes really bother me! But it looks like a beautiful place.

JuliaB said...

Sounds like a good place to eat fish and chip's outside. x

Anonymous said...

1. Poor Miss M. Forced to cry to avoid public embarrassment.
2. I agree with poshyarns about the jelly eels.
3. I do not like eels, but I have eaten one. (Ick.)

Lyn said...

Lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

I thought mispeelings was something to do with book reviews ;-)

by the way Jean-Claude van Damme was known as the Muscles from Brussels. Certainly no sprout

BreadBox said...

No oysters??? How strange.
I love Whitstable. Lovely little village.

Mary said...

I love love love that photo of the blue ropes!

dottycookie said...

Whereas I am positively terrified at the thought of meeting a jelly eel next time I go to the seaside. Jellied ones are bad enough!