Friday 8 June 2007


  1. Poppy knows when it is 6.30pm EXACTLY because that is suppertime. She wakes up at 6.28 and 30 seconds, stretches and arrives at my feet at 6.29 and 59 secs. Even when the hour changes.

  2. Poppy does not like venison but does not wish to offend and so she carries it very politely in her mouth and hides it under the Dining Room table where she knows I only clean once every six months

  3. If you say to Poppy “What’s the weather like???” she will rush to the window and look out. This is because she had an intensive training course with MasterM when he put little biscuits on the window sill. The vet would not approve if she knew.

  4. Poppy HATES Golden Labradors. Big Time. This is because when she was a puppy she was on a lead and a group of dogs jumped out of the back of a van and ran towards her. The one that got there first was a Golden Labrador and from that day on Poppy has always made sure that she gets the first bite in. Just In Case.

  5. Poppy knows that hedgehogs are a Big Threat to Chez Magpie but does not know how to deal with them. So she has a special emergency bark to warn us of incoming hedgehogs.

  6. Poppy has only recently discovered that squirrels do not hide behind trees when she chases them. To her astonishment they climb up them. Weird or what?

  7. Poppy has lived on the same diet for twelve years. A dried biscuit in the morning, a bowl of dried biscuits for supper and two dried biscuits at bedtime. She remains the same weight that she was when she was two. I am thinking there is a moral here.

  8. Poppy bites. Small children, kind old men, friendly teenagers, vets, postmen. We are lucky that we have not been sued but she has a high personal injury insurance deal.

  9. Poppy sits at the bottom of the stairs and growls if children come down stairs after bedtime. I did not train her to do this but can highly recommend it.

  10. Poppy adores me. Not sure what I have done to deserve this.


Anonymous said...

Dog knows you are a Very Talented Lady, and thus you are quite deserved of Dog.

What on earth is a hedgehog? All my life I've heard of these things, but I never thought to wonder what they are. I don't think they live around here--or they might. I'd know if I knew what one looked like....

(a large or small prickly animal that hogs the hedge? I didn't think so.)

A little help would be mightily appreciated, because I'd really like to know!

Marmadaisy said...

Hello I just found your blog - love your Poppy stories!