Thursday 7 June 2007

A Humble Beginning

Today I cleaned out the cupboard. This was necessary because when I opened the door a tin of tuna that had been balanced precariously fell out and nearly killed the dog who sits trustingly at my feet. Especially in the kitchen.

In the cupboard I found

  1. Instant yeast (June 86) which was bought in the sure and certain knowledge that I would make bread every day when I got married. It is unopened.
  2. Thai Fish Sauce. Also unopened. What recipe was that for?
  3. Three bottles of white wine vinegar. Why don't I make a shopping list?
  4. Tin of Foie Gras de Canard. Given by friend of husband. Cannot eat it because it is cruel. Cannot throw it away because it is wasteful. What am I to do?
  5. Duchy Originals Handmade Olive Oil and Fresh Herb Vinaigrette. So smart. So delicious. So expensive. So lazy.
  6. A nearly empty bottle of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce. Essential ingredient for historic family recipe for barbeque sauce. Must go shopping.

1 comment:

blackbird said...

Let's see:
the yeast is commemorative, must save.
HATE WITH A PASSION the fish sauce, toss.
Can one clean with wine vinegar as well as the regular stuff?
Re-gift the tin of Foie Gras.
Put Vinaigrette in a small white pitcher - lending it the appearance of home-made.
We cannot live without L & P!
It seems I put it in everything...